Our work

Bank of the West

Putting a stake in the ground for sustainable banking

The Ask

When it comes to sustainability and diversity, San Francisco-based Bank of the West has long put its money where its mouth is, taking a real, industry-leading stand in terms of its responsible financing policies and its commitment to a workplace that reflects the true American diaspora. They approached McGuffin to produce presentation materials that could be shared with both internal and external B2B audiences, clearly and compellingly telling the story of “The Bank for a Changing World.”

The Answer

Staying true to the bank’s brand standards, we created a narrative that combined infographics and statistics, photography and storytelling to bring to life the values that both differentiate and define Bank of the West. The result was a powerful statement of purpose and possibility, one aimed at energizing the employee base and convincing current and prospective customers that the place they bank can share — and support — the things they value.

What we did

  • Corporate presentation
  • Infographics
  • Visual storytelling

Communicator Awards

Award of Distinction

Bank of the West
Corporate Responsibility Communication

FCS Portfolio Awards

Gold – Digital Collateral

Bank of the West
Corporate Responsibility Communication