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Launched in 2004, McGuffin started as the Little Engine That Could, providing creative services for some major clients with just a few designers and a single account executive out of a little office in suburban Elmhurst, IL. Things changed fast. In quick succession, we added new clients, moved to Chicago and hired more team members — designers, writers, AEs, even a business manager. Today, spitting distance from two decades in business, we can’t fit our staff into a single car anymore (or several cars, actually) but we retain the qualities that helped us grow: we’re approachable, nimble and endlessly motivated to do our best for our clients. Our team of thinkers, makers and doers aren’t afraid of coloring outside the lines to help our clients achieve their goals. Our variety of experiences, insights and interests help make us both outstanding creative partners and good fun at parties.

What the heck is a McGuffin?

Looking for a Mr. or Ms. McGuffin? Spoiler alert: McGuffin is not a “who.”

Our values

Do smart work

Observe challenges at arm’s length to get the best perspective.

Practice diplomacy

Approach every interaction with respect, kindness and decency.

Walk with humble

Modesty is the oil that keeps our machine running.

Stay driven

Commitment is built on dedication and follow-through.

Seek to help

Celebrate good thinking, then collaborate to build something great.


We often have openings for good-hearted people of extraordinary talent. If that’s how your mom would describe you, maybe you should apply.