Values & Expectations

Values & Expectations

This is at our core.


We do smart work.

  • Analyze, absorb, think…then speak.
  • Observe problems at arms’ length to keep a clear view of the whole.
  • Think differently, in both small and large ways.
  • The autopilot switch has been disabled for our safety.

We stay driven.

  • Take your role seriously, even if you’re a comedian.
  • Some work is glamorous, some is not. We do both.
  • Commitment means dedication and follow through.
  • Complacency is great. Just ask everyone at Blockbuster Video.
  • We’re here to make our clients’ lives easier.

We practice diplomacy.

  • Start with respect.
  • Swim with the current, not against it.
  • Deliver everything with professionalism.
  • What we know is that we don’t know it all—it’s ok to ask.

We seek to help.

  • Encourage individual ability/growth with your attitude.
  • We believe it takes a team to build a team.
  • We keep the client in the room when making decisions.
  • Celebrate the good, then collaborate to build greatness.

We walk with humble confidence.

  • Modesty and humility are the oil that keeps this machine running.
  • Have a sense of understanding.
  • No one wants to work with, for or near an arrogant prima donna. Especially us.
  • There is nobility in giving credit for a good idea, but none in stealing credit.


We hold each other to a high standard.

We push to better ourselves and one another. That whole weak link thing – don’t be it.

We ask for help — and give it.

Confused? Uncertain? Overwhelmed? No worries. McGuffin is one big support system. Someday you might need a hand up, the next day you might provide one yourself.

We don’t miss deadlines.

If you find yourself in a situation where you think that you may miss a deliverable, shout out for help early and loudly.

We respect each other.

We are all adults and really amazing people. Please treat each other accordingly.