Office hours

Our office hours are from 8:00am until 5:30pm Central Time.
These are the hours that we schedule meetings and make magic happen.
Working hours are different.


If you are sick, please let your manager know and stay away from people. Just because we work remotely doesn’t mean we want you working while ill. Take time to rest and recover. Your manager will track the days that you are out. If you use all your allotted paid time off, your days off will be unpaid.


We are on time for work and for meetings. If for some reason you are going to be late, please let your manager know, as well as any team members who may be expecting something from you.

Time Entry

It is expected that you submit your time every week no later than noon on Monday (for the previous week).
This is how we get paid. We use a program called Workamajig. You’ll become very familiar with it.


We are a 100% remote work force. Work from where you feel safe and most productive. We have access to WeWork as needed. This only works if we stay connected.

Expectations for remote work:

  • Work a full day.
  • Over-communicate with your team
  • Be available for meetings, calls, emails and instant messages (see tools).
  • Respond immediately to all correspondence so teammates know you have received their communications.
    A quick, “I got it” will do.
  • Mark yourself out on the calendar for any period of time your attention will be pulled away from work.

If you cannot work a full day, be available for meetings or perform your normal job functions, please take a PTO day.


Office Equipment
You will be given a laptop or tablet or a GoPro or something to do your work. Any and all are the property of McGuffin and eventually will be returned. If there is equipment you don’t have that will help you do your job better, ask.

This should go without saying: you@mcguffincg.com is owned by the company. And yes, technically, we can see what you send and receive from this email address. Please do not use your McGuffin email to distribute anything that could be questionable content; this includes anything political and anything that disparages or could be hurtful to any group. Use your personal email for personal uses.

The tools we use should always be evolving, especially when it comes to communication.

Today we are using:
Email for most client communications
BaseCamp to organize project conversations
Slack for instant messaging,
Zoom for virtual meeting and phones; account team members will be assigned a Zoom phone number
for work use.
This will change. Stay current and please stay connected.


Dress Code
Please keep it PG13. If you are asked to meet with a client, we ask that you clean it up a bit.

Don’t do it during work hours.
And don’t do it for our competitors.

Performance Reviews
You will meet with your manager bi-annually. We do this to keep lines of communication open and make sure that you have everything that you need to perform your job well. We use a system called Small Improvements to input and track these reviews http://www.small-improvements.com. You will receive an email to prompt you to begin your review process. Submit your review within the time allotted – as long as you’ve been meeting with your manager, this should take about an hour. Your manager will review your comments and add to their own notes. Meet and discuss.


If you wish to resign from McGuffin, you are requested to notify your manager of your final work date at least two weeks in advance in the form of a written note or letter. There will be tears.