The fun stuff.


Summer Team Building

We try not to focus too much on trust falls, but, once a year, we take at least half a day to focus on each other, spend some time together not working and get to know people as people.

Holiday Party

Around the end of the year, we all get together to dine and drink together. It’s a good time to get dressed up, wrap up the year and get ready to start again fresh. 


Once a month the creative team has lunchtime session aimed at internal training and sharing. Some topics are new, some are repetitive training drills. Bring a lunch and enjoy the learning or the training.

Thursday Show and Tell

A chance for you to see what everyone has been working on. This is a time to share the good, the bad and the ugly. It’s not just about “what went well” but also a great place to share “what we learned.” This happens whenever we can at our Thursday morning meeting. 

Thursday Thoughts

On Thursday’s morning meeting please feel free to share anything that they have found, seen, read, heard, or think is inspiring or something to watch out for. Speak up if you have something to share or you may be randomly called on.