Pay Information

Paychecks are directly deposited on the fifteenth and last day of the month through Paylocity. Log in to Paylocity to see your stubs, history and W2s at:, Company Number 2194.

Internet Stipend

Full-time employees will receive $40 per month to use towards internet services.

Bonus Plan

The quarter following six months of full-time service, you are eligible to be part of our bonus plan. The plan is based on us hitting stretch revenue goals. The plan is intended to keep us all focused on the same goals. The bonuses are paid out quarterly.

  • The bonus plan is not guaranteed and sometimes we don’t meet our goals. 
  • Please do not set your personal budget assuming that this goal will be met. 
  • The bonus plan is meant as incentive for people who are working at McGuffin. 
  • If you choose to leave before the quarterly bonus is paid out, you will not take part in the bonus payout. 
  • If you’re on a long-term leave of absence, you will also not take part in the bonus plan. 

Finder’s Fee

We are always looking for qualified leads and we’re excited about any new client relationships that your talent and network can bring to the company. You will receive 10% of the net profit for the first three jobs for any new client you bring in through your own personal network. Net profit equals the amount invoiced minus all costs associated with the job.

Because we are looking to build lasting relationships, we will only pay a finder’s fee if there are at least three projects from a new client. 

We reason the right to initially engage or eventually disengage with any client for any reason. We want to work with the kinds of clients and projects where we are most helpful and can do our best work. We will pay the finder’s fee upon receipt of full payment from the client for the first three projects. 


If you purchase something for work, please check with your manager to make sure that it’s covered (as cool as they are, no we don’t want to pay for Star Wars collectible figurines). Create an expense report in Workamajig, attach any receipts and email to your manager for approval and you will be reimbursed. Please expense travel for all client meetings and relationship building.

Home Office

For new, full-time employees up to $300 can be expensed to help supplement your home work environment above and beyond computer equipment.

Training, Dues & Memberships, Conference

We encourage your growth and have an annual budget set aside to enrich your professional learning and networking. Please discuss with your manager of take advantage of this budget. 

Tuition Reimbursement Program

McGuffin Creative Group encourages you to develop your skills and knowledge so you can grow and be prepared to accept additional responsibilities. Please submit an application for your course of study to be considered for reimbursement.