Office Buzzwords Come to Life

You know them. You love them… well, at least you know them. Trite office buzzwords have dragged down an email or two before, but you can make a difference. Spruce up your communication with McGuffin’s downloadable animations and add some flare to your work speak. Just drag and drop your favorites.


On my radar

I’ve got an eagle eye like an air traffic controller on your hot project. Now back off.

No brainer

There’s no fixing stupid, so get this work done with or without your cerebral matter.

Ducks in a row

Prevent your feathers from getting ruffled by keeping your sh*t together.


A way for professionals to party while casting a net and working their magic.

Touching base

Hey you, did you get my last 18 emails? Is our server working? Please respond to my needy passive aggressive digital messaging so I don’t have to stop shopping on Amazon and come over to your desk.


Of course I can shuffle all of my other hot projects around to fit in your “hotter” project. I don’t mind staying late. Again.